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“There is something greater than wealth or fame,

 and that is the human experience 

rendered comprehensible through art…”


Douglas Carter Beane — Xanadu


Bill Saunders performing 

"Poisoning Pigeons In The Park" by Tom Lehrer.   

After Dark Cabaret, Temple Theatre 2019

"No Matter What"


Bill Saunders as Maurice in 


Demo Reel 


A selection of moments from film projects over the last few years

A Lifetime in the Theatre


I've been working for several decades as an actor, director, and educator. In that time, I've traveled more than a quarter million miles, and performed for more than a million people across the continental United States with regional, off-off Broadway, and national tours on my resume.

Now I live in NC with my husband, Vinny, and our miniature dachshund, Donna Rose Gallifrey.

About Me

Available for Projects 


I have also directed and designed a variety of productions across the US, from full musicals to straight plays, and from educational drama for young audiences to outrageous farce. I act both on stage and screen. I am also available for voice over acting, and directing or design work.  Please see my resumé for the details of my experience and skills.

Current News

I’m BACK, Baby

After finishing a run as Danny/Zeus in Xanadu the Musical and as Walter Hobbes, in a nearly sold-out run of ELF the musical at Arizona Broadway Theatre, I’m back in NC ready to roll.   

Currently I’ve lined up a couple days of shooting in an independent comedy “Thumb Wars” and a judging slot for Benson’s got Talent. 


Vinny and I have travel plans to visit friends in Florida, and a trip to Hawaii in the spring, to celebrate his sister’s 20th wedding anniversary.

Photo Gallery

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"Walter Hobbs (the "Scrooge element"), played with equanimity and an ample amount of likeability by Bill Saunders. Fact of the matter is that this Walter is not so much a nasty Scrooge-ish guy as he is being Scrooged by higher-ups at a publishing firm for children's books... Walter is under pressure to produce "a book" that sells...or else. For someone who has rated a place on Santa's "naughty list," Saunders gives us an overworked and confused Hobbs for whom sympathy is well-deserved.

"Saunders provides Lawrence with the perfect pompous, arrogant attitude that makes him fun to hate... Steals a bundle of laughs from the audience" 


La Commedia Dinner Theatre


WORLD GOES ROUND -- Eastern Michigan University

                        Roger LeLivre - ANN ARBOR NEWS

"Saunders offers a soaring baritone that can fill the theatre.


Eastern Michigan University

Twain, serving as the play's narrator, is played to perfection by Bill Saunders. His is the Twain we've come to expect.

Roger LeLivre - ANN ARBOR NEWS

                                         Gil Benbrook - Talkin' Broadway

XANADU -- Arizona Broadway Theatre

Bill Saunders does well as Danny (Maguire), with some touching line deliveries in his flashback scene, and a firm grasp on the insanity of the other character he plays, Zeus.

PARADE — Theatre Raleigh



Bill Saunders is excellent as Officer Starnes and Tom Watson.  Parade will take your breath away with its sudden turns, and grip you tightly as injustice is heaped upon corruption. But the funniest thing is, it’ll also make you laugh a bit, but laugh deeply.

As performed at the Kennedy Theater as the fourth presentation of the 2014 Hot Summer Nights Season, it is near perfect.

Bill Saunders 

 Sanford, North Carolina 27330, United States

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